Welcome to the Fueled By Ramen/Decaydance official Roleplay site! Being here obviously means that you're interested in the community we have on live journal Rock 'n' FBR. A few things forward, genders do not matter. Sure, I'd like some guys playing guys and all, but what can you honestly do? Nothing. So if you're a female and you'd like to play...let's say...William Beckett, then all you do is sign up for that part on our sign up thread. But first, check the "characters" page to see if it's take. If that user is already taken, don't worry, there's many other people on FBR and DD that you can play. It's really that easy.

    But, before you do sign up, look around the site a little. Look at the rules, consequences, basics, and get the random facts down before you enter. This way, you don't have to get into trouble for not looking at the rules first, and we get a simpler job to do. Everyone's happy that way. =D

    After looking around the site, if you still have any questions, you can go to the contact page and find out how to contact one of the 2 moderators. So, then, you can have everything cleared up. Hope everyone enjoys their stay at our community and, remember, keep it simple.

    And, if you are part of the community, you can go and check out all of our random communities that go with our own. YAY! P.s. WE NEED MORE WOMEN!!