The rules that you will abide by, and learn to love with all of your emo heart, are as follows:

1.) Must have a journal before requesting to join.
2.) Must have one public entry(usually friends only post) before asking to enter.
3.) Must have an aim screen name and must talk to one of the moderators before being accepted.
4.) Must know your character. Get to know them. (There will be a community, shortly, to aid you with this.)
5.) No over dramatics. We don't need drama queens. If you're angry, then be angry, but don't screw up the whole community because you don't like what someone said to you.
6.) If your character does not post for 6 weeks, or only posts every 6 weeks, your character is up for grabs. Inactive people will not be allowed to continue in this community.
7.) If you want a character that's non FBR or DD, then please go to the appropriate community and request the person. If we find the request suitable for the community, then we will allow it.
8.) All Out Of Character (Called ooc) shall be posted friends only and with brackets [exmaple: (Today my cat died. D=)]
9.) Try to keep to the band/person's schedule. No random poofing off to Hawaii in the middle of Warped Tour.
10.) You must have one, or both preferably, moderators added to your friends list before applying.
11.) Pictures, videos, ect are welcome but not out of character (we call it ooc) and keep it PG-13. We dont needz a nudder P33N nud3z slip. Thank you.
12.) All posts after friends only post should be made friends only. Try to add as few civies(normal people) as possible.
13.) Fill out the form in the "apply here" thread to be added to the list.
14.) Join this community, and join the other fbr_(whatever) communities if you'd like, or we will not approve you.

Also, you must have Proper disclaimers set up in your journal, as well as your "website" (located in 'edit profile') linked to: ----> <---- as well. We will check for these before anything else.